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2020新冠疫情优秀英语作文范文 附旧词新解‘十大赌博老品牌网站’

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本文摘要:01 假定你是李华,你的英国朋侪David给你发邮件询问你在新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情期间是怎么渡过的。

01 假定你是李华,你的英国朋侪David给你发邮件询问你在新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情期间是怎么渡过的。请你凭据下列要点写一封邮件回复她。

1. 发作时间; 2. 怎么渡过; 3. 你的感受。注意: 1. 词数100左右; 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。参考词汇: 疫情 epidemic situation 新冠肺炎 novel coronavirus pneumonia 优秀范文 Dear David, I’m glad to receive your email. You asked me to share with you what I’m doing in the epidemic situation. Here are my experiences. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan in December, 2019, I have been staying at home. On the one hand, I pay close attention to the epidemic situation through watching CCTV news or surfing the Internet; on the other hand, I insist on studying. Not only do I read classics, but also I have online courses given by my teachers. Besides, I take exercise every day to keep healthy. Faced with the disaster, many people including doctors, nurses and scientists act bravely and spare no effort to fight against it. They are real heroes. Thank you for your concern. I’m looking forward to your reply. Yours, Li Hua 02 假定你是李华,你的美国朋侪Amy来信询问有关武汉新型冠状病毒(novel coronavirus)的情况。

请你给Amy回信,内容包罗: 1. 新型冠状病毒简况; 2. 应对措施; 3. 是否有信心战胜病毒。注意: 1. 词数100左右; 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。优秀范文 Dear Amy, It is so considerate of you to receive your letter inquiring about novel coronavirus in Wuhan. I am writing to tell you about this. Since the outbreak of an infectious disease in Wuhan in December 2019, the Chinese government has decisively closed down the city to prevent the spread of the disease. At the same time, although cases have been found throughout the country, the Chinese people actively face it, together with Wuhan to fight the epidemic. At this particular time, we should go out as little as possible, isolated. If we go out, we must wear protective masks to prevent ourselves from getting infected. In addition, we should keep good healthy habits and keep our body clean. As many Chinese say, “Come on, Wuhan”. Yours, Li Hua 03 请你凭据下面的提示,用英语对钟南山作简朴先容,写一篇150至200词的英语作文。

1. 钟南山,1936年10月出生于南京,是21世纪最着名的医学家之一; 2. 1953年,就读于广东实验中学;1960年,结业于北京医学院并留校任教; 3. 在首届全国运动会上,钟南山夺得男子400米栏冠军,缔造了其时的全国纪录; 4. 2003年春,SARS在中国和世界发作,以钟南山为代表的医护事情者经恒久努力,抗击了非典;2004年,钟南山被评为“感动中国2003年度”十大人物之一; 5. 他在医学领域事情60多年,是一位受国人尊敬的好医生。注意: 1. 词数150—200; 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。优秀范文 Dr. Zhong Nanshan was born in October 1936 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He is one of the famous medical scientists in the 21st century. He studied at Guangdong Experimental High School in 1953 and graduated from Beijing Medical College in 1960. In the first Chinese National Games, Zhong Nanshan got the championship of the men’s 400m hurdles and set up a national record at that time. In the spring of 2003,the SARS epidemic broke out in China and across the globe. Zhong Nanshan not only led but also took an active part in the battle against SARS. At that time no one really knew much about SARS and most people had no natural defenses against the disease. Dangerous as it was, Zhong Nanshan worked hard day and night treating the patients. Through their hard work for several months, Zhong Nanshan and his workmates achieved remarkable result. Soon the SARS epidemic was stopped in its track. Zhong Nanshan was awarded one of the top ten people moving China in 2004. He has been working in the medical field for over 60 years. He is a good doctor in the countrymen’ eyes and respected by all the people in China. 附加内容 旧词新解 最近一段时间,许多人天天起来第一件事就是看看疫情当前的情况。一些小同伴可能好奇,为什么英文的新型冠状病毒是用novel而不是new呢?novel不是“小说”的意思吗?其实novel在这里可不是“小说”的意思,而是“新奇的;异常的”。

例如: Fever and cough are the typical symptoms of the novel coronavirus. 发烧和咳嗽是这种新型冠状病毒的典型症状。为什么不用new呢? 因为new指的是新旧的差异,好比我原来有一本书,找不到了,我又买了一本新的,这个是new。




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